PhD and postdoc positions

I welcome motivated students to carry out PhD research under my supervision in the area of network science, mathematial biology, or a closely related field. Read my research here. I can accept students through (1) an applied math in Department of Mathematics and (2) Computational and Data Enabled Science and Engineering (CDSE) Program.

(1) Department of Mathematics offers about 10 teaching assistantships (TA-ships) each year. This might sound like a very small number, but in fact, this is not as competitive as you might think. A TA-ship implies you do PhD coursework (mostly in the first year) and research while working as TA, which is common in the US. While you don't have to have a math undergraduate/master degree, you should be able to comfortably serve as TA of undergraduate math courses. In fact, many successful candidates do not have a math undergraudate/master degree. Regarding research, you do not have to specify a supervisor to apply for our Math PhD program. However, if you want to have me as supervisor from the first year, I am happy to discuss.

(2) CDSE Program is not tied to Math TA directly. However, for Fall 2021 start, I have one Math TA slot, which I can also use for a CDSE student. Otherwise, I hear that CDSE Program offers TA-ships in other departments and research assistantship (RA).

In 2020, the deadline for application was January for Math and February for CDSE. One can apply for both.

If I get a research grant to be able to hire a PhD student or postdoc, I ALWAYS announce it on my LinkedIn and Facebook. From a student point of view, working as RA on such a grant means that she/he does not have to teach and therefore have more reseaerch time.

If interested, contact me with your CV that includes GPA.

I will answer if and only if your email is personalized to me. If you just change the professor's name in your email template, which you use to contact various professors across the globe, I won't reply.